CSA: Community Supported Agriculture
Avoid the stress and frustration of the grocery stores and have the freshest, tastiest, most sustainable foods delivered right to your door!
We have various delivery and pick-up options, and a produce-only option for a discounted rate!
What is a CSA?

A system of food production and distribution that directly connects farmers and consumers. You buy 'shares' of our harvest in advance, and receive a portion of the crops as they're harvested!

What will I receive?

-Fresh, sustainably grown vegetables from Abe's Acres Farm. Check out our seasonal availability for a preview.

-Weekly fresh-baked bread pickup from LiLLiPiES bakery

-Farm-fresh, pasture-raised eggs from Cherry Valley Co-Op

-Freshly canned sauces, salsa, and pickles from Abe's Acres Farm

-Grass-fed, pasture-raised cheese from Cherry Grove Farm

-Wholesome, freshly milled, non-heat treated oats from Morganics Family Farm

What is the cost?

Option 1 - Locavores

$1440 paid upfront or $68/week paid weekly for 24 weekly shares of vegetables, canned sauces, salsas, and pickles, fresh-baked bread, pasture-raised eggs, grass-fed, pasture-raised cheese, and freshly milled oats. 

Option 2 - Veg Lovers

Our produce only option costs $800.00 up front or $37/week paid weekly for 24 weeks of vegetables, canned sauces, salsas, and pickles.

Option 3 - Free Choice

Pre-load a farmer's market account with us and receive a 20% discount. $400 up front gets you $500 of credit at our booth at Trenton, Yardley, and Bordentown farmer's markets.


Our Partners

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Cherry Grove Farm

A small scale, pasture-oriented operation in Lawrence Township, New Jersey. 

LiLLiPiES Bakery

A small batch bakery located in Princeton, New Jersey.

Morganics Family Farm

Organic Oats and Dry Grain farm located in Hillsborough, New Jersey. 

Cherry Valley Co-Op

An ecological farm, CSA, and Community Center in Princeton, New Jersey.



Sample Box

Lettuce, Spinach, Kale, Radishes, Salad Turnips, Beets

One dozen pastured Cherry Valley Eggs

Member's choice of Morganics Family Farm rolled oats, whole oat groats, winter wheat berries, or whole wheat flour

One LiLLiPiES Bread Voucher

Half a pound of Cherry Grove Farm Grass-Fed Cheese

Pick-up Location

CSA Pickups will be at LiLLiPiES bakery in the Princeton Shopping Center or any of our Farmer's Markets. Or, if you are within 15 miles of the farm we can deliver directly to you!


CSA Pickups will begin the week of May 18th, 2020 and will end the week of October 26th, 2020. 

Interested? Let us know!