"My great-grandfather, Abraham Feldsher, came to the U.S. from Russia during the pogroms of the late 1800s. As a Jewish man, he hadn't been allowed to own property, so he wasn't a landowner, and he hadn't been a farmer. He started a dry goods store in Brooklyn when he came to this country. But what he really wanted to do-farm his own land-had been denied to him, so he moved to Hightstown with his wife and three young daughters, bought the land, and the family has been farming it in one way or another since. The farm is named in his memory."

Pictured: Joseph Notterman, Abraham's son-in-law and Gabriel's grandfather

The Farm Today

I grow a range of annual vegetables: radishes, turnips, beets, lettuce, spinach, kale, eggplant, peppers, cucumbers, garlic, carrots, and tomatoes, to name a few. All with better than organic practices. Everything on the farm is grown sustainably, without chemicals or sprays. By maintaining healthy soils and a balanced ecosystem the farm is able to produce nutrient-dense, flavorful foods to feed bodies, minds, and spirits.

Gabriel Siciliano

Meet Your Farmer

From a young age, I was inculcated with a love of gardening and green growing
things by my grandfather. I spent much of my childhood with him on the farm, and I carry that love with me today. My roots run deep here, and my stewardship of the land reflects that. Though I have much to learn as a beginning farmer, I'm committed to sustainable stewardship of my legacy for future generations. I consider it  a privilege to grow healthful and delicious food for my community, and I hope you enjoy the fruit of my labors!

Pictured at left: Joseph Notterman and grandson Gabriel in the same spot, 35 years apart

The Farm's Future

Just like the vegetables and herbs in its fields, the farm itself continues to grow. Increasing the growing acreage, adding fruit trees, and building a group of dedicated, hard-working team members to maximize our yields while still maintaining the very best growing practices are all on the horizon at Abe's Acres.


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